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Landlord's Insurance

If you are a property owner looking for cheap landlord's insurance for your properties based in the UK then you have arrived at the right website! We are an insurance broker specialising in providing low cost insurance policies for let properties. We provide quotes from a range of insurers to make sure you pay a low premium and have the cover in place to protect your properties which are ultimately the biggest investments you probably have.

What are the benefits of using a broker for my landlord's insurance?

We understand how time consuming and tedious the task of searching for a low cost landlords insurance policy with comprehensive cover can be which is why as a broker we have special schemes in place with insurers to make sure we provide competitive quotations online. Our automated systems will obtain quotations from several different insurers meaning you can sit back in the knowledge that our system will check a panel of competitive insurers so you don't have to!

What effects how much I pay for my landlords insurance?

There are many factors which will effect how much you pay for your premium, for example the following will all usually have an effect on your landlords building insurance policy:

What is covered by our policies?

Since we place your landlords property on cover with different insurers depending on how competitive each different company quotes for your risk the cover can vary slightly and therefore we advise that you read the keyfacts and quotation details carefully before proceeding with any cover. Generally our policies will provide cover for the following peril under landlords building insurance: As standard all our policies provide property owners liability insurance to provide cover against any injury the tenant recieves during the occupation of your property. For example if the tenant was to fall down the stairs and hold you liable for their injuries then your property owners liability insurance would usually provide cover in this instance.

Do I need landlord's insurance?

As a landlord the properties you own are probably the biggest investments in your life and if the worst was to occur, for example a fire in your let property then the damage could cost literally thousands of pounds to repair. When you consider the potential costs after such a peril against paying the small cost of an insurance premium seems to make more sense. Usually a lendor such as a buy to let mortgage provider will not release any funds until they see proof that a valid landlords building insurance policy is in place providing cover against the major perils such as fire, flood and subsidence.

Im a busy landlord, how long will it take to start my insurance?

We understand that as a let property owner you have more than enough work to deal with which is why you don't want to spend hours filling out forms and arranging your insurance which is why we can provide immediate cover for your let properties when payment is made via credit or debit card. Not only can we arrange immediate cover but we can also provide documents instantly via email or fax so that you can provide proof of cover to a lendor or simply for your peace of mind.

What type of properties can you provide insurance cover for?

Because we use a panel of insurers we are able to provide quotations for a wide range of different situations, by using several different insurers we can provide quotes for landlord's properties which many other brokers are unable to quote for.

Who regulates the insurance industry?

Since April 2013 the insurance industry has been regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which means that should someone feel their insurer has treated them unfairly then they have a regulatory body to turn to for support. As a broker we will work hard to make sure you are happy with your landlord's insurance policy and try to help resolve any complaint you may have.

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